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Screenplay Representation

I will do my best to share about your screenplay to the right people. I will help you presenting it in the best way to people who can help you get it directed.

Book Representation

I will help you share awareness about your book. We will together spread your book. I will represent your book to the best of my extent. Your personal PR!

Motivational Speaking Representation

I will share about your motivational speaking services and dream in a way that will motivate people to go watch you speak. Give me a chance!
I will design a website for you and your dream in less than five days. It will have a lot of feeling... you already know 🙂

Do you need a website for your book / movie / motivational speaking venture?

Your new website will match in everything. It will match your book / screenplay / motivational speaking dream in writing voice, look and feel.

Brand Analysis Included

Detailed Brand Analysis report: verbal + nonverbal communication

Free Case Study

Your Business Special Case Study + Solutions.

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I promise you passion and commitment. Let me represent your work.

If you have questions about any of the services I mention here, then please message me, so I can explain them to you. Also, please know, custom orders are available, just let me know how to serve you better!

If you have questions, please send them over. I will be happy to reply to them all.

Definitely! Please do! I will reply to you in the most complete way possible! Oh, by the way my email is Looking forward to reading you 🙂
Absolutely! I will be happy to help your freelancing dream in the best way possible! Contact me and let's discuss it at your earliest convenience!
Stay In The Loop is a blog for authors, motivational speakers and screenwriters, so I will NOT post blog posts that are not related to its thematic such as: news, politics, economy, religion, and any other subject that can create uncomfortable feelings in the reader. Let's stay on track and write about what we truly care for!
Yes, you can, I will share it in Stay In The Loop blog, also help me out and share your blog post too. If your story goes better with a publication then I will recommend that it should be published in my magazine StarLight Connect, a digital magazine made by and for people like you and me!
This blog is made for you. Send me your articles to post here and get noticed.

Stay In The Loop!

Stay In The Loop is that blog written for authors, motivational speakers and screenwriters where they can just happen to get their posts posted as well 😉